Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are valid from 05/01/2012


1. General

These terms and conditions apply to both Liigavelho.com and Myleaguebet.com (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) services, as well as the use of separately installed or activated services provided by the Service Provider. By using the services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions.

It may be possible to gain access to third-party services, products and materials through the services. The Service Provider is not responsible for any third-party services, products and materials, even if they are used through the services of the Service Provider. The agreements generated by the use of third-party services are made between the user and the third party, and the Service Provider is not part of the agreement.

If a user does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, they are not permitted to use the services.

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions as well as the prices for premium services. The user agrees to review the modified Terms and Conditions and to comply with the changes immediately.


2. Registration to the service and user ID

When registering to the service a user must provide their name and a valid e-mail address (hereinafter user ID) and create a password and their desired nickname to be used in the service. The user's real name is not displayed to other users, instead the user will be identified by their nickname when communicating with other users of the service.

The user ID is personal: it may not be assigned to or otherwise transferred to any other person. The user must immediately inform the Service Provider if their user ID and password are disclosed to others.

Only one user ID per person is allowed.

The registered user is fully responsible for damages made through their user ID to the Service Provider or third parties.

The Service Provider can terminate the user ID indefinitely or until further notice if the user violates the terms of this Agreement or a breach of the Agreement is possible.

Because the service requires registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and will create a contractual relationship of service between the Service Producer and the user, the registered user must be 18 years of age and of legal capacity.


3. Limited access to the service

The Service Provider provides the user with a limited and revocable non-exclusive license to the service. The license applies to both registered and unregistered users.

The license gives the user limited access to read and modify content in the service under the terms of this Agreement. The rights to read and modify content depend on the rights applied to the content.

The user accepts that the contents of the service and the public visibility and access rights to the content may be subject to change. The Service Provider is not responsible for content provision and is not obligated to provide access to content that has been removed from the service.

The user uses the service at their own risk and must ensure that the equipment, software and network connections they use are suitable for the use of the service, and that they do not cause excessive load or other damages to the service.


4. The copyright of the contents of the service (discussion boards and other content produced by the user)

When the user provides content to the service they agree that the content is available for use by other users of the service under this Agreement. The user agrees that their rights to the content produced by the user may be transferred to other users on the basis of this condition.

The user accepts that in providing content to the service, they give to other users the right to edit the provided content. Copyright of content that is produced in collaboration with other users belongs to all of the users who participate in the creation of the content.

When providing content created by others to the service, the user must ensure that the usage of the content in the service does not infringe other parties' copyright or other rights. The user must provide the names of the authors as well as copyright information of the content.

The rights to files and other content stored in the service are not transferred to the Service Provider. However, the Service Provider has the right to make copies of the data, generate summaries and search indexes, and manage the data in other ways in order to provide the contractual services as well as to develop the services.


5. Restrictions on use

The user must abide by the Finnish law when using the service. The user may not upload to the service content that offends copyright, adult content or content that is otherwise inappropriate. The Service Provider has the right to monitor the use of the service and to remove any material in violation of these terms.

Attempts to hack into the service or circumvent the limitations are prohibited.


6. Terms of premium services

The following conditions apply to the premium services provided by the Service Provider.


6.1 General information on premium services

The service may offer for use premium services. To use these services the user must be 18 years of age and of legal capacity.

The fees for premium services are presented within the service. Subscription to premium services is made primarily as an on-line order according to the payment instructions given within the service.

The payment for premium services must generally be completed before the services may be used. The user will be given a license to use the purchased services for the period of the lease, which is the time that the service is paid for.

The user may be required to agree to additional terms or payment services by the Service Provider or a third party in order to use the premium services.

The Service Provider is responsible for taking backups of the files and other data that is stored in the services as they see fit.


6.2 Customer support

The Service Provider provides support for the users of premium services. The customer support only applies to the Service Provider's own operations.

The customer support can be reached by e-mail at support@liigavelho.com or support@myleaguebet.com and through other means, which the Service Provider presents within the service. Support requests will be processed as soon as possible, but the Service Provider is not obligated to respond to all support requests.


6.3 Problems and liability

If a problem occurs in the service, the Service Provider is obligated to investigate the cause after receiving a notice of the problem, as well as to provide additional guidance to the users. If the defect is in the system of the Service Provider, it is the responsibility of the Service Provider to repair the service within a reasonable time.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any technical failures, network failures, problems caused by the user's actions or by third parties, or other damages caused by the use of the Service Provider's services.

The Service Provider cannot be held liable to the user under any circumstances.


6.4 Termination of premium services and closing the service

Either party may terminate the service agreement.

The term of notice by the Service Provider is one month.

The term of notice by the user is the remaining time until the end of the period which has been paid for.

The Service Provider has the right to restrict the user's access to the service or terminate the service agreement without term of notice, if the user violates the terms of this Agreement or fails to pay the fees for the services they have subscribed to.

It is the user's responsibility to retrieve the information they wish to keep before the service is closed.





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